Payroll Services


We provide flexible end-to-end payroll solutions for companies of any size. Our solution allows you to simplify your payroll process and have the peace of mind that your taxes are being handled accurately and on time; allowing you to focus your energy on your business.

Below are a few Payroll Services we offer:

• Accurate, On-time Payroll Processing

• Job Cost/Department Payroll Processing

• Certified/OCIP (Owner Controlled Insurance Program) Reporting & Management

• Easy/Secure Online Payroll Submissions

• Electronic Payroll Submissions

• Time Clock Importing

• Online Reports with 24/7 Access

• Secure Online Employee Access

• Federal and State Tax Reporting & Administration

• Management Reports

• Vacation/Sic Pay or PTO Accrual & Tracking

• Garnishment, Child Support Deductions& Administration

• Direct Deposits

• W-2 Administration

• Unemployment Claims Management

• Paperwork Reduction

• Pay Cards




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