Risk & Safety

Your company can ensure a safer workplace and controlled workers’ compensation costs with Risk Control. Our safety experts and Workers’ Compensation Professionals will deliver efficiency and complete satisfaction which helps our clients reduce unwanted risk which goes a long way in being able to secure favorable work comp rates.

In the event of a claim, our services include:
 - 24/7 ACCESS to OSHA Certified Risk Control personnel for reporting claims and injuries
 - Thorough investigation of alleged injury reported by employee
 - Witness interviews are conducted and all statements are fully documented
 - Photographs are taken of the location where the injury is reported to have occurred
 - Re-interviews of employees are conducted in the event suspicions are raised regarding the legitimacy of the claim
 - Processing of the employee’s injury claim submission
 - Submission of comprehensive CLAIM discoveries REPORT and RCR Risk Control opinion to Worker’s Compensation
   Claims Adjuster for processing
 - Assist Claims Adjusters when needed

Before you make a choice – make sure that you make the right choice. Call us! Interview us and ask a lot of questions. Our team of Control Services is certain that you will not be disappointed.


We are experts in supporting businesses with employee related safety and risk management needs.  As an organization we have the knowledge, the background and the experience to help you maintain a safe, compliant work environment which will lower your workers’ compensation risk.

Annual On-Site Safety Compliance Inspection:
 - Inspections conducted by our OSHA Certified Risk Control Staff
 - Consultation is held with the onsite supervisor to review the discoveries
   and any adjustments that must be corrected within 7 business days
 - Safety meeting topics are provided monthly to the onsite supervisor and
   a sign-in sheet for participants is provided to show proof of attendance
 - Risk Control staff will prepare an overall written evaluation report and
   photographs of the deficiencies to the titleholder and the onsite supervisor.

OSHA compliant businesses have less risk for injury which stabilizes Workers’ Compensation Modification Rates which saves you money!   And besides, it is less worry for the Risk Control Staff and we are absolutely certain that you will refer other businesses to us for service.  Yes, it’s as simple as that.

By the way, many of our client’s business hours are not just 8am to 5pm and neither are we!  Our Risk Control Services are available to you 24/7.  You can contact us and actually speak with a Risk Control Services staff, not a recording.

Before you make a choice – make sure that you make the right choice. Call us! Interview us and ask a lot of questions. Our Control Services team is certain that you will not be disappointed.



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